veggie champ(non-registered)
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Kay Bodie(non-registered)
Vic, I always enjoy your photos! You seem to be able to always capture the perfect shot.
Meagin Hilbert(non-registered)
Victor, your photography is awesome. It shows that you put your "all" into your work. You and Gail are so much fun to be with and I enjoyed getting to know the both of you.
Rick Hamlin(non-registered)
Very nice work Victor, it is obvious to me that you love your work, it really shows in your finished products!
John Witzell(non-registered)
Great site Vic...and as always great shots....
Leigh Lofgren(non-registered)
Good to see this Victor and keep on shooting! You are doing great
Gwen Ralston(non-registered)
Wow - You know I've been impressed by your "eye" for sometime. Congrats on a great website -
OK - really, glad you listened to me - and I talked you into entering some photo shows -
Waiting for some major publication to hire you - (remember you owe me royalties)!
Doug Furnier(non-registered)
Great photography, Vic. I have enjoyed your work for quite some time now. Thank you
Juanita Elder Gibson(non-registered)
Vic, looking at your photos is like going on a mental vacation. You are an awesome photographer. It was fun to see our photo among your gallery. Hugs
minnetta may(non-registered)
Marvelous work Victor, I love everyone of the pictures.. Congratulations on a beautiful site
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